Iron Hands

The Iron Hands are a Chapter/Legion I’ve grown to love as Forge World has expanded on their lore and aesthetic, and I took a lot of inspiration from their Horus Heresy books when I first decided to add a detachment of them to my growing Imperial forces. I built the Tactical squad using a lot of the Mk.3 armour for its brutal appearance and association with the Horus Heresy and converted the Marines to have extra sensors and cables. The squad Sergeant was also given a servo skull and tech-marine shoulder pad, a visual link to the Mechanicum.

I decided to go with a Rhino instead of the Drop Pods to help differentiate them from my Ultramarines, and to lean into the armoured warfare that the Chapter prefers. I converted a pintle-mounted storm bolter, made to match the visuals of the Tactical squad using two Phobos Bolters and a couple of ammo drums.

I added a squad of Tartaros terminators, which I still had from the Burning of Prospero set. Terminators have long been my favorite Space Marine unit, and I add them to any Marine army I own. The Sergeant was converted slightly, with the leather pteruges on the model removed, as it’s a visual I want to reserve for the Ultramarines.

I added a Dreadnought to support the infantry with a close combat arm and Plasma Cannon, and heavily converted the legs to get a striding pose. I love the classic Dreadnought, but its static pose makes the current model a little uninspiring. I’m really pleased with how the conversion/repose came out.


  1. Riley on March 6, 2019 at 5:12 am

    All the detailing on your Iron Hands is great, especially on the Rhino. I just adore these bases, what did you use to create them?

    • Trysanna on March 6, 2019 at 8:52 pm

      The bases start off with a few chunks of cork and then I bulk out the shape with a bit of greenstuff. At this point, I’ll take the Marine and make sure they fit onto it in a way I like. I add some heavier grit of dirt around the cork and then add a general grit to finish it off.

  2. Luis on April 4, 2019 at 11:21 am

    I enjoy the effort you have put in to your Iron Hands, thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

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