Night Lords Terminator HQs

I’m happy to show off the leader of my Warband, Tor’vek of Nostramo. Armed with a daemon weapon and armored in a massive suit of terminator armor, he was a big conversion project. The legs are from the classic Obliterators, with the waist and belt made from multiple sessions of sculpting. The torso is made from a Grey Knight Terminator front and Deathwing terminator back, with Cataphractii shoulders and arm. The right arm and the daemon weapon are from Khargos Khul character.

Still a WIP, I may change out his combi-bolter for an updated version, and some small details may change. The base was a lot of fun, combining the Sector Imperialis look of my Chaos forces with the chaotic formations included in the Chaos Terminator Lord kit, which I wanted to include.

Joining the command structure of the Warband is a Terminator Sorcerer Lord. Also gifted with mutation, this character has less of a focus on a particular God, but with the Pantheon as a whole, a bit of an outlier in my Khorne focused waband.

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