House Malinax Knight Banner

When GW announced the return of Adeptus Titanicus, I was pretty excited. I never got the chance to get into Epic 40k, and I was sad to see it go along with the entire specialist range. I love the idea of smaller-scale games that allow you to appreciate the immensity of warfare in the 41st millennium and I hoped to see its return, along with Battlefleet Gothic. While not a full return of Epic, I’m equally enthusiastic about Titanicus!

I modeled the base of the Knights, and my other Titanicus units, to reflect a destroyed city that the various forces are fighting over, with bits of rubble and broken buildings emphasizing the scale of the Titans.

I’ve chosen Knight Household Malinax for any Knights I paint. The unique color scheme was a nice change for me, and the contrast with the dull blue-grey of the bases makes them standout. I enjoyed assembling and painting the Banner, and I really like the poses of these Knights, especially in comparison to the 40k scale Knight, whose awkward pose I would have to fix were I to assemble my own.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Grand Master edition, which includes 6 Knights, 2 Warlords and a fair bit of terrain. I’ll have more to show on the ruined terrain and Warlord soon, as well as a pair a Warhounds.

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