Legio Krytos Warlord Titan

While the 40k scale Warlord Titan is far outside my budget range (and storage space!), the Titanicus Warlord was a great way to add one of Warhammer 40,000’s iconic God Engines to my collection.

This is one of the largest models I’ve painted, and all the various mechanical bits and armor panels took a while to complete, but I’m really pleased with the finished look. While I was tempted to go with Legio Mortis, a black and red scheme, I decided upon Krytos for the unique green of armor which stands out from my other factions.

As with the Knights, I modeled the base using bits and chunks of the Titanicus Terrain, some sand, and a lot of the Texture paint from GW to represent a ruined city, all but annihilated by the God Engines fighting over it.

I still have another Warlord Titan to assemble, as the Grand Master edition came with two of the beasts, but I may wait to see if any of the Traitor Titans of Legend are a hit with me.

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