Art scale Ultramarine

I’ve been fond of the idea of making Space Marines feel more accurate to the lore of Warhammer 40,000 since around 2010. For those who don’t know, the Art Scale or True Scale Marines seen across the internet were an attempt by hobbyists to more accurately depict Space Marines as the 7-8ft tall superhuman warrior they’re described as. I’ve made a few myself, including a Carcharodons Kill Team, which I plan to add to in the future.

Until the Primaris Marines, this was the closet we could get to Space Marines feeling like the massive hulking figures shown in the artwork. This is a repaint and refreshing of the first Marine I made with this idea in mind. I gave the model a new MK.4 helmet, my favorite mark of Power Armour, and something that wasn’t available back when I first built him.

My process for painting Ultramarines has also changed. I go for a cobalt blue, very much inspired by the Horus Heresy series, instead of the traditional ultramarine. I painted the helmet white to reflect veteran status, something well deserved for surviving the years.

If anyone is curious, his name is Taven 🙂

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