Khorne Bloodmaster

Blood for the Blood God!

I love Khorne. Easily my favorite of the Chaos Gods, the God of War has held a special place in my heart since 3rd edition when I first read the lore surrounding Chaos Space Marines and the Gods they worship/despise. While not the start of a whole army (yet), I wanted to paint this model just because of how cool it is. I love the aggressive pose and hunched back, and decided to make a scenic base while assembling them.

While not a colour I enjoyed when I first started painting many years ago, I’ve grown to really enjoy painting red. It’s a challenge, but can look really striking and bold, fitting for the Daemons of Khorne.

The base was painted as barren rock and ash, littered with the skulls of the fallen against a river of blood. I’m quite pleased with how the base turned out, especially the ripples in the blood, which was done with a few layers of water effects, building up the effect in gradual steps.

The sword was also enjoyable, being built up with layers of yellow and orange over a white basecoat. I didn’t try to be perfect with the blending, as I wanted to give the impression of fire, something not 100% corporeal at all times.

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