Godsworn Hunt

Another warband enters the Beastgrave! Another great addition to underworlds is a very Conan inspired group, with desert-themed bases, furs and leathers adorning them, and very unique weaponry.

The Sorceress Theddra leads them and is my favorite fighter of the warband. I love the flow of the skirt and cape, and added a warm glow to the mark on her hand, as the pose already lends itself to the image of her casting a spell.

I love the variety of the warband. Each carries individualistic weaponry, from Grundanns massive battleaxe to Shonds greatsword. The bases were a lot of fun, especially the little insects around a few. I like how the bright yellow-brown contrasts with the black leather and dark metal.

Of course I can’t forget to mention the best part of the warband, and that’s the addition of another dog to the Underworlds roster! While not as massive or deadly as Riptooth, Grawl is a fun little fighter who loves to give your other warriors support!

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