Necron Canoptek Tomb Stalker

A big addition to the Necron army I’ll been painting, and the first Forge World model I’ve worked on in quite a while. This large insectoid construct came to me in a bit of rough shape, needing to be pinned to the base, new Guass weapons on the claws, and some Astartes victims for show.

The build took a bit of time, requiring me to pin the model in two places against the base/stone, and into the dead Marine in his grasp. The Marine has a rod through the torso and down the leg, providing stability to the Stalker. The guts were sculpted with greenstuff to help cover the pin.

Painting the bug was fun but time-consuming, especially with the edge highlighting of the armour panels. Worth it in the end tho! I’m particularly pleased with the green glow of its eyes and the Gauss weapons on its claw. The add much-needed color to the model.

The fallen Marines were painted to match the customers sons army, a detail I found a heartwarming. It’s a practice I’ve done in the past, and it adds a bit of narrative to the miniature and army, while also acknowledging your opponents and your history.

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