Grashraks Despoilers

The first warband released with Beastgrave is a fun addition to the roster of Underworlds, and thematically appropriate to the change in location.

I haven’t painted many Beastmen, but this proved to be great first for the faction. I really enjoyed painting all the bones and skulls, they add a very shamanistic feel to the group, especially with Gashrak raising a ritualistic dagger. A nice little detail is the blood dripping from said dagger. It adds some movement to his pose, and was fun to paint.

Any bits of metal or armour were given a near black, worm iron look, which is more apparent on Draknar, the Bestigor and warrior of the group.

The Ungors of the warband add a fun change in stature as well as battlefield role. They’re a little more disposable, but also not to be ignored when positioned properly. I made sure to paint each as an individual, giving Kurosh the Sneak a more blue skin tone to reflect the role he plays as an assassin or sneaky objective capper.

My favorite detail of this warband is something I cannot unsee, and that’s the firm buttocks of the Gors, which when viewed on the GW webstore, the paint job gives the impression of assless chaps, a fact I love to share with people.

I painted mine to blend in with the fur a bit more, but look at those asses!

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