Magore’s Fiends

I’ve been into Underworlds since the tail end of Shadespire, with the release of Magore’s Fiends. Khorne has always been my favorite Chaos God, I love Chaos Warriors, and this warband has a Good Boy!

I’ve had a lot of fun and success with Magore and his warriors. It’s taken a little bit to get really into the game, learning all the rules and how things interact, but I’ve enjoyed and play Underworlds more often than any other GW product, and regularly enjoy tournaments at my local GW.

My favorite fight is, of course, Riptooth. This bastard has outperformed his peers, killed multiple enemy champions, and secured me a 2nd place win at a local tournament.

Underworlds is nearly finished its 3rd season, but this warband still holds a special place in my collection, even as the newer warbands suffer from power creep, which is pretty inevitable. I’d love to see a booster for the original warbands to bring their faction cards up to the new standard.

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