Necron Doom Scythe

The first vehicle being added to the Necron Commissions, which is turning into a small army, is a Doom Scythe. I like the look of these flyers, and the distinct silhouette they have, similar to the classic Cylon Raider of Battlestar Galactica.

I painted the hull in the classic green-black, with extreme edge highlighting and some of the interior/techy bits in metallics, matching the main color on most of the Necron infantry. I also added areas of brighter green, representing the energy flowing through the vehicle and whatever strange eldritch power runs through it.

I also magnetized the underslung options, the Death Ray and Teleporter, allowing it to be run as a Night Scythe.

I have two more of these to paint for the same customer and will be sharing those shortly.

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