Necron Tomb Objective Marker

Something a little different today. Nicolás R. Giacondino is a well-known artist amongst the Warhammer/40k fandoms. He has a unique style and has some amazing works. During Inktober, he did an image of a ruined Necron obelisk. I was so drawn to the illustration that I decided to remake it in miniature form.

I made the slab out of a few layers of plasticard, all cut to size and glued together, before carving the alien symbols into the front, trying to match the design in the illustration. I filled any gaps with some greenstuff and added the ruined texture with a hobby knife.

I’d recommend a little project like this if you’re feeling a bit burned out or need a change of pace. It can be refreshing, and it’s always fun to build off another artists work.

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