Legio Krytos Reaver Titan

Another Engine joins my Titanicus force, this time in the shape of a Reaver Titan, Torment Of Iron. I’ve always liked the look of this Titan. The hunched form and intimidating face give it a bit of a sinister look, and it’s translated perfectly to this scale.

I painted Torment in the same way as the Warlord, Dirge Of Olympia, starting with the metal superstructure and working outwards, leaving a majority of the armor panels off to reach everything, before gluing them on when nearly finished. I also went with the always in style hazard stripes on the Power Fist.

You might have also noticed the bases other occupants, Ultramarine Terminators. Painting Marines this small is an interesting change, and I’ll probably add more to later Titanicus bases or terrain. They have no impact on the area around them, however, or on the Reaver. They are irrelevant. Ants watching gods of war do battle.

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