Steelheart’s Champions

The first warband from the Shadespire set, a trio of Stormcast Eternals, joins my Underworlds collection. I like the look of the gold and blue that most Stormcasts are shown in, but I decided to change a few things. I used a lot of green for shading and painted the weapons as if glowing. I wanted them to look a little worn, as if they have been fighting without respite for some time.

Steelheart himself has his face revealed, which let me paint his eyes with a magical green look. I really like the confidence in his pose, even if I would have preferred something more akin to a duelist.

Brightshield is my favorite of the bunch, of course. She aggressive, pushing forward with her massive shield, and I’m always happy to see more women in any Warhammer setting.

And last is Obryn the Bold. While not as relaxed as his leader, Obryn has the same confidence. He feels threatening and unstoppable, advancing upon the enemy.

While I don’t see myself using this warband often, I still enjoyed painting up this small group of Stormcasts. I’m looking forward to the next group, The Farstriders, and I’ll probably go with something a little similar.

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