Mollog’s Mob

While the other warbands of Underworlds have felt a lot like bands of adventurers or groups of warriors, one of my favorite warbands is more akin to a dungeon boss, with a massive model for such a small scale game.

Mollog, a Dankhold Troggoth, is the strongest fighter in the game and is allowed to take more actions in a turn than any others, making him a massive threat and not a fighter to be taken lightly. I loved painting the blue tones of the skin, and the fungus across his weapon and back let me add a variety of colors.

The other fighters are small cave critters who, while not the stars of the show, do add some character and helpful support to the warband. They’re also all very silly, like the Stalagsquig.

Or the Spite Shroom, A deadly mushroom creature that explodes upon death.

And of course the fan favorite, Bat Squig!

I haven’t used the warband yet, but I have had the opportunity to fight against him a fair few times, and I had a lot of fun in each game.

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