The Chosen Axes

While I’m not usually a fan of Dwarves in fantasy settings, I enjoy the aesthetic of the Fyreslayers a great deal, and Underworlds gives me a nice chance to paint a few of the models for myself.

I went with the very unsuitable choice of reds, oranges, and yellows for the beards and mohawks. I really enjoy painting colours this bold that are meant to pop and be a big focus for the model.

I’ve fought against this warband on few occasions, and they can be quite the challenge. Their leader, Fjul-Grimnir, is a beast of a fighter, and when Inspired, can start cutting down all but the toughest fighters in a single attack.

The rest of the warband feels a little samey, with each carrying an axe or two, but the poses are varied, and I was sure to add their names on the back of their bases to help with identifying them.

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