NOVA Open Death Guard Kill Team

And here is the finished Kill Team! The entire group took the better part of May but I am very proud of the results. They’ve already been shipped to the NOCF for the auction in August, more info about can be found here.

The leader of the group is one of my favorites. I love his pose and the half cape, and I’m very happy with the shading on the model, especially on the gut plate.

The Team contains a few Death Guard support characters, each of whom provided some fun little details to paint, like the Plague Surgeons hack saw above, and the glass vials and bottles of the Biologus Putrifier.

I worked in a bit more purple tones to the Plague Zombies infected flesh, tying the colors into the purple cloth of the Marines and making them feel apart of the group.

Onto the Plague Marines. While I batch painted the main colors of each model together, I went back over each individually and made sure to pick out the small details, like maggots and slime dipping from the armour.

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