The Wurmspat

I’ve been looking forward to a Nurgle Warband for a while, and wow, the Wurmspat deliver! Each member is a unique fighter unto themselves, having a distinct look and feel, while also working as a cohesive whole.

Feucla leads this trio, a witch who bears many trinkets and items of interest. She’s is joined by her Retchling, the gross little creature at her feet.

I love her look, especially the crown of bone she wears. It’s great to see the leader of a warband be this witch-in-the-woods type, as usually the magic users are portrayed closer to mages or sorcerers.

Ghulgoch is a massive figure who can hold his own in combat against almost any foe. His bulk gives him an intimidating presence, and I had a lot of fun painting all of his exposed skin and open wounds.

Sepsimus is the last fighter of the group but by far my favorite. I love his weapon, instead of the traditional rusted axe it’s a massive spear. His armor has a gladiatorial feel to it, especially the topknot, and he posseses a disgusting tail.

The Wurmspat are an interesting Warband to play and take a bit of patience, but I love their resilience and ability to tank hits like no one else.

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