Order of Our Martyred Lady Battle Sisters Squad

I love the Sisters of Battle. They have a unique aesthetic that really highlights the gothic vibe of the Imperium, and it helps them stand out from the many other power armoured forces in the 40k. I can’t express how excited I am to see them make a glorious return to Warhammer 40k in plastic.

I had some fun with the Sister Superior, painting the holy symbol she holds as if it were glowing. I started with a white basecoat and built up a strong yellow before going over the edges with an orange glaze, making sure to hit the glove too, giving it the glow effect.

I love the flow each model has. The purity seals and cloth give a real sense of movement and direction to each model, and none of them feel static. It’s something carries across the new Sororitas range, and it’s fantastic.

While that’s all the Sisters of Battle I have to paint at the moment, I would like to expand on this force with another infantry unit, some sort of vehicle, and an HQ choice, but what I have is perfect for a small skirmish game or some Kill Team.

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