NOCF Death Guard charity raffle

Remember those cool Death Guard I painted up for the NOCF back in June? Well, you can grab some raffle tickets and have a chance at calling them your own! You can purchase tickets for the Death Guard here, but there are a ton of other fantastic projects to look through as well.

Proceeds go towards Doctors Without Borders, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Fisher House Foundation. If you want to help support these charities and potentially win my Death Guard Kill Team (or many of the other fantastic models and armies!) please check out their website and buy a couple of raffle tickets.

The armour was painted with the aptly named Death Guard Green, and then given 4 or 5 thinned washes of Seraphim Sepia, always pulling it towards the shadowed areas, like you can see on the Terminators gut plates. I also took a thinned down Rhinox Hide and blacklined each panel, with a final highlight using Death Guard Green again.

The mutations and fleshy areas were basecoated with Bugmans Glow before being given multiple red and purple washes before a selective and somewhat messy highlight of Bugmans and Kislev Flesh. It’s okay to be messy with applying the washes and highlights, these are strange mutations after all.

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