Illuminor Szeras

Szeras has gotten quite the upgrade with the updating of the Necron range this year. While a finicky model to put together, I had a blast painting the mad scientist. He provided a few areas where I was able to have a lot of fun, including the stream of disintegrating organic matter he is pulling from the unfortunate priest at his feet and the Hyperphase staff he holds.

The green areas of the staff were basecoated in white and then Moot Green before being given multiple glazes and layers of progressively darker green as well as a few highlights of Moot Green and eventually pure white on the sharpest edges. Right before the final highlight of white, I also glazed the entire area with a yellow green glaze to make the blades extra vibrant.

The flesh stream was painted using a similar method, using a white basecoat and multiple glazes and washes over top. I didn’t have an exact method, instead playing around with multiple shades of red, pink and purple to get the right look. Be careful if you’re painting that bit yourself, its finicky and can easily snap off.

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