Pumpkin Patch

Something a little different today. I’ve recently been trying to expand how I approach bases in my models, and I started a new project to help me push myself with that. I decided to start making some one-off bases, little dioramas of nature or a small environment.

The first, but certainly not the last, is a small pumpkin patch. Nothing too flashy or fantastical, but still a cute and (at the time) thematic little project. It was a little strange, at first, approaching a base that I knew wouldn’t have a model on it to act as a focus for the piece.

The pumpkins were made using greenstuff, first by making the general shape, allowing it to dry, then adding a thin layer over top to add the grooves. What really made the whole thing come together were the small autumn leaves I added after everything was painted, a great purchase from Green Stuff World, and something I’m keen to use a little more often.

The small floof on the right base is a little donation from one of my budgies (pictured below) which almost looks like some rather large cobwebs and I found rather fitting to the season.

Their names are Lyra (right) and Goji (left). They’re adorable and I love them.

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