Tyranid Kill Team

I’m not one for painting up large armies for myself, especially not the horde variety, but the Tyranids are such a cool Xenos faction that I wanted to paint up a few regardless, and Kill Team is a great excuse to do so. I tried to stick with a lot of high points cost models so I wouldn’t get bogged down painting a ton of stuff.

First up is the Kill Team Leader, a Tyranid Prime. I went with the Lashwhip and Bonesword combo to emphasize the command role, as well as adding a couple of Rippers to their base.

I went with Hive Fleet Leviathan for the colour scheme, using red not only on the weapons but also for shading on the pale skin. I wanted to emphasize the fleshy nature of the whole model, as everything is organic and alive

The next Warrior is a combat specialist. I made a few small changes to the model, posing them as if moving forward, and covering their eyes with the chitinous plates from their head. I wanted to help them stand out a little more, and figured perhaps they’d evolved to remove that weak spot and could ‘see’ in other ways.

The two remaining Warriors are simply armed with Scything Talons and Deathspitters, and help bulk out the team. They can easily switch between close combat and ranged support

The remaining models in the Team (for now) are a group of Hormagaunts. They don’t add a lot of wounds, but they more than make up for it in speed and low points cost.

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