Szarekh, The Silent King

Wow, what a model this turned out to be. I underestimated the sheer size of this thing when I first got it and was quite shocked by how large it turned out to be. It was quite an interesting build too, with a lot of parts sort of floating off one another, like the stairs and pulpits.

I painted the model in a number of sub-assemblies, starting with the throne itself. I went with a blue black for most of it, dark armour that would give it a sinister vibe and contrast well with all the neon green bits.

Any metalic areas on the throne were given a very worn, aged appearance. I didn’t want these parts to blend in with/look too similar to Szarekh himself

Szarekhwas a lot of fun to paint. I went with rose gold for the body and a darker gold for any of the joints and spine. It was a slight pain to attach, but I like how his cape hovers off of him and falls around the stairs. It adds a nice bit of movement to a fairly static model and helps frame Szarekh.

Oddly my favourite part of the model to paint wasn’t part of the throne, but the two Triarchal Menhir. These are such great models that were they released separately, I’d easily buy a kit or two. They’re ominous floating constructs that tap into the more eldritch aspect of the Necrons, and I really like that.

This kit is a fantastic centerpiece for a Necron collection and was a blast to paint, even if it look a little longer to finish than I anticipated.

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