Necron Warriors

Arguably the best thing to come out of the new Necron releases is the new Necron Warrior kit. While the previous rendition was fine, it lacked the shambling, decrepit feel that the artwork always invoked. This new kit is a fantastic update, expanding on the very skeletal, almost frail look.

A fun new addition to the kit are the Gauss Reapers, a new shorter ranged weapon that turns the Warriors into an assault troop.

I painted half of the warriors (there are a total of 40) in the Sautekh Dynasty colors, and the other half in the new Szarekhan Dynasty scheme, which has really grown on me.

I love the variety in heads the kit allows. There’s enough in the box to make every Necron have a pretty in-tact face, but there are also quite a few that are battle damaged, falling apart or broken. One of my favourites reveals the mechanical brain of the Warrior, who relentlessly marches forward despite the injury. It’s great.

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