Necron Skorpekh Destroyer Lord

I wasn’t huge on the Skorpekh Destroyers when they were first released. I’m a big fan of the Locust Destroyers, and I was a bit disanointed that they weren’t among the Necron units to receive an update. After painting a couple of sets of the Destroyers and their Lords, they’ve really grown on me. I love the three-legged look, and their weapons look great and prove to be a lot of fun to paint.

I reposed this very angry machine a bit, lowering their arms and turning the clawed arm around, giving them a slightly more relaxed pose. Not only does this help differentiate the model from the previous Destroyer Lord I’d painted for the army, but I like the juxtaposition of this hate-fuelled machine so obsessed with killing taking a brief moment to calmly look around.

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