Seraphon Saurus Oldblood

Ah, the Seraphon, or Lizardmen as they were once known. I’ve always loved this faction. I mean, how could I not? They’re cool lizardmen that ride dinosaurs. That’s fucking rad.

Unfortunately, the current Saurus Warrior kit, the coolest of the Lizardmen races, is not so rad. It’s really showing its age, and the models don’t live up to the stunning artwork or their fantastic depiction in the Total War series. There are two exceptions to this. One being the Star Blood Stalkers for Underworlds, and the Saurus Oldblood from the Carnosaur kit. The latter is where I got this model, and what a model it is.

I’m particularly proud of the face, especially the blood running from their toothy maw. Even if this warrior had no weapons, they would still be a ferocious killer.

I had so much fun painting this lizard. It was a nice change to paint various shades of blue and to make such a lush rain forest base, which I wanted to feel like an environment you’d see in the wilds of Lustria.

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