Necron Sautekh Overlord

Herald of Twilight, Lord Reaper Auset of the Sautekh Dynasty.

Since we first laid eyes upon the model, I’ve been looking forward to getting an Overlord for myself. I love the broad shoulders and pose, the various glowing orbs, and Terminator-esque base I made. I made a few changes to the loadout, as you can see, swapping the Tachyon Arrow with the classic Ressurection Orb, and changing the Staff Of Light to a Warscythe.

I’m super pleased with the conversions I made, and the way the paint job all came together, especially the Orb.

I can’t wait to have her leading my Royal Warden and Warriors on the tabletop, and I think the whole Kill Team comes together quite nicely.

++She had been beautiful, once. Her Royal Warden, Kartek. Auset ran a clawed metallic hand along the Warden’s cheek, the cold Necrodermis of their constructed bodies offering no warmth. Parts of her were still in there. The ruthless determination to fulfill her Overlords wishes. Her steady hand and sharp aim with a rifle. Her preference for overwhelming firepower to crush an enemy. The great Biotransference had taken everything else from her. It had stolen her free will, her personality, her life. And their life together. Now Kartek was another soulless machine amongst thousands under her command, slaved to eternally obey their Overlords command.++

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