Maggotkin Putrid Blightkings

While most of this army project will be Khorne focused, I couldn’t resist the chance to add some of the fantastic Blightking models to the force, which are still some of the best Nurgle-themed models released in my opinion. I quite enjoyed painting the group, there’s a lot of interesting mutations and open wounds, but especially the pale, diseased skin tone, and I’m very happy with the result.

I love the various helmet and weapon options. They’re all obviously dedicated to Nurgle, but there’s a good variety that makes each member stand out as an individual. I think this kit would make a great starting point for Chaos Lord conversions, and I’ve seen a few examples of it combined with Terminator parts to make some truly unique models.

Another small detail I quite like are the antlers used on some of the helmets. I like how different it is compared to the other Chaos aesthetics, and it hints at a sort of druidic, pagan vibe, which I find a really interesting way of approaching Nurgle.

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