Khorne Skullreapers

The first of the Khorne infantry units are the fantastic Skullreapers, massive elite Chaos Warriors with a variety of mutations and daemonically possessed weapons.

To help the unit stand out amongst the rest of the army, I decided to go with a black and brass colour scheme and using white for the helmets, which helped tie them in with the similarly elite Blightkings. I went with a blue-black, as I find it more interesting than the rather dull shades of grey. It also contrasts well with the red of the group’s mutations, blood, and the rest of the army.

By far my favourite mutation on the bunch is the Champions scorpion tail. It’s a great little retro callback, and it’s really cool to see another Khorne-themed unit with arachnid qualities. The weapons are another highlight, especially the Nightmare-esque sword, a similarity I quite enjoy.

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