Deathwatch Marine on Bike

This was a fun side project, a little gift for a good hobby friend of mine. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve built or painted a Space Marine, and it was kinda nice to work on one again, particularly a First Born.

The Marine themself took a bit of converting to get right. I cut the legs off at the waist, reposing and extending them a bit. The foot also took some reworking just to make sure it could touch the ground, which *just* reaches. The arms are from the Deathwatch kit, along with the shoulder pads and sword, and the bolters mounted on the bike are from the Mark 3 plastic kit. To no one’s surprise, I went with the always stylish Mark 6 helmet, easily my favorite of the Astartes Power Armour.

While a lot of the model is very dark, it helps the power sword and green screens pop, an effect I really like. The green was done in a similar manner to the Gauss weapons of the Necrons, and the sword took a bit longer. Starting from a white basecoat, I did multiple layers of a thin glaze, starting with yellow and blending into orange and a touch of red. A final highlight of dark red was used to emphasize the shape of the blade, and a bit of red glaze on the guard to give it a very subtle glow.

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