Ironjawz Brutes

Along with the Blood Bowl range, these might be some of my favourite Orc related sculpts. They’re massive, muscular and aggressive, and better proportioned than some of the older Orc kits. I had a ton of fun both building and painting them.

I’m a big fan of the massive Klaw the Boss is armed with, as well as the massive gore-choppa one of the Boyz wields. I added a fair bit of blood to the weapons and even some blood dripping from each, to really emphasize the gore-fuelled violence they so love.

I had a lot of fun painting them, especially the skin tones. I haven’t painted that many Greenskins in all my hobby years, and this was a fun chance to change that. I opted for a very dark tone, as they are quite a large breed of Orc/Orruck. I was also sure to add a fair amount of freehand to each, with the ever iconic checkers and teef designs of Warhammers Greenskins.

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