Little Sisters of Purification

This project was a very fun change of pace. Myself and Fabalah decided to participate in 28mags second challenge of 2021, focused around Female Space Marines. While I’ve built and painted an Art Scale squad of the Sisters, Fabalah chose to make a lovely rendition of the Chapter Symbol and a Marine, and you can find her own post on the subject here.

I decided to paint up a classic push fit marine for her, as it was not only a good chance to practice the scheme and free-handing the Chapter symbol, but it would also help provide a painted example of the mini in the classic style of older GW publications and the various 40k wikis.

Of course I couldnt resist the chance to do a classic green base, which I had a lot of fun painting and even now I love the look of. While I don’t think I’d base an entire army this way, it gives the model such a fun retro vibe, perfect for a Chapter that originated back in 1988.

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