Underworlds Morgwaeth’s Blade-coven

Direchasm has easily been my favourite season of Underworlds to date. While there are usually a couple warbands I really like each season, season 4 has given me so many that I adore, and these Daughters of Khaine are no exception. I’m always a fan of female focused armies and faction, and these murderous, extremely aggressive elves fit my playstyle perfectly.

I wanted a striking and bold colour scheme with this warband, taking a lot of inspiration from the Witch Elves in the Total War: Warhammer series, particularly the concept art. Plenty of black leather, purple tinted metallic, and bright pink hair. I also added a bit of blood to a couple of the models. Morgwaeths chalice of blood, a bit of it running down her arm, and Lthyr, who’s pose I find particularly aggressive.

To contrast the colour scheme, I went with a very blue colour for the bases, mostly done with Thunderhawk Blue and a glaze of Akhelian Green, which is easily my favourite of the new Contrast line, along with Volpus Pink, which was the main colour I used for the Warbands hair. While not advertised as such, I’ve found the Contrast line to be great for glazing, as they have such a high pigment count.

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