Underworlds Khagra’s Ravagers

Another Direchasm warband, and one I was looking forward to for a quite a while. Not only is it a fantastic bunch of undivided Chaos Warriors, but it’s led by a woman! As a woman who loves to make characters in the heaviest armour possible in any game I’m in, I feel very seen.

Of course Khagra, the warbands leader, is my personal favourite of the group. I love her weapon choice, a giant skull faced mace, of which I added a small amount of flame to so I could throw some fun fire effects into the model. My absolute favourite aspect of her is that besides the head, there is no difference between her and the other 2 plate armoured fighters. A lovely change of pace compared to a lot of depictions of women where their armour usually includes unnecessary boob plate, emphasis on a smaller waste, or slimmer legs. Not here! She’s just as much of a walking tank as her underlings. Perfect.

Zarisha is Khagras sister, and the mage of the warband. While she’s not nearly as reliable in melee, she does provide some much needed ranged support and can cast a variety of spells. I quite enjoyed painting the fire in her hands and the staff, even adding some source lighting on the Chaos star/staff.

Dour Cragan (above) and Razek Godblessed (below) are the final two fighters of the warband. Both very traditional Chaos Warriors, I adore Dour Cragan as his pose is incredibly reminisent of Slambo and the Chaos Warriors from HeroQuest. Just like Khagra and Zarisha, I decided to paint up their weapons in some fiery tones, which really helped bring some colour to what is a pretty dark colour scheme overall.

I can’t wait to get this warband onto the table whenever I feel safe to get back to gaming with friends and attending tournaments. Fingers crossed it’s soon.

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