C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon

This sure was a fun change of pace! A large, centrepiece model to compliment the Necron army I’ve painted, but with a different take on the traditional colour scheme. The client requested this Void Dragon be painted using a lot of electric blue and some purples, as opposed to the usual neon green, meant to stand out more as its own entity.

While not obvious in the photos, I spent a bit of time during assembly magnetizing the wings, making the model both easier to transport, and a bit more manageable when it came to painting. It wasn’t too difficult, this was actually one of the first models I’ve ever added magnets too, and I’m very happy with how invisible it is on the finished model. It did require a little bit of greenstuff work, not only to hide a bit of drilling that went through the wings, but to also make sure the wings sat exactly where they would had I glued it. A very insightful experience, and one I’ll be repeating on some future models.

I still went with a metallic look for the body, but added in some blue to the recesses for shading, and to help tie it in with all the blue lightning swirling around its lower half. I kept the Blackstone the same colours as I’ve previously done, helping to tie it in with the rest of the army. Same with all the Necron Scarabs crawling all over the model. While I wanted the Void Dragon to stand out, I didn’t want them to feel out of place.

The spear and end of the tail were also painted up in a sort of electric blue, but going for my usual style of painting power weapons to help them stand out from the lightning. The head and crown were done in purple, as per the clients request, to act as a focal point.

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  1. Muda on November 7, 2023 at 10:47 am

    Incredible paintjob, love the color pallette. You somehow managed to make the void dragon even more majestic which is really saying something considering the quality of this mini as is. And all of that while keeping that distinct necron vibe. Hats off, truly!

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