Sisters of Silence

Kicking off the recently finished Burning of Prospero commission are the Talons of the Emperor, starting with the Silent Sisterhood. While I’ve painted a squad of these ladies before, I wanted to paint this squad up more in line with the box art from GW. That meant more of a burnished bronze and purple capes.

I always enjoy painting squads of warrior women, and this time I practiced a few colours I don’t get to play around with often. The bronze was done following GW’s tutorial, while the purple capes were done a bit more on the fly. As you can see, I also tried out some NMM gold on the filigree, which turned out quite nicely for my first attempt at the style.

I had a lot of fun with the blue sword blades, which really stand out on the models, and all the tiny script on the purity seals, which while a bit slow going, is always very rewarding. Another small detail I’m very happy with are the eyes. Instead of giving them pupils, I decided to keep their eyes all white to highlight their very unsettling nature.

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