Custodian Guard

The Sisters of Silence are joined by the elite warriors of the Adeptus Custodes, super-humans clad in shinning gold and with the authority of the Emperor himself.

Another small squad of very elite warriors, mostly in metallic, this was a good chance to practice how I go about painting gold and an opportunity on how to improve upon it. The main colours were, of course, Retributor Armour and Auric Armour Gold, but I made sure to spend a bit of time shading it and making sure to push the definition before moving onto the highlighting stage. I didn’t want the models to be a single mass of gold, but to have each armour panel stand out clearly.

The blades were done in a similar way to that of the Sisters of Silence, as I wanted a bit of a unifying colour between the two, as they are both Talons of the Emperor. Another shared detail, although small, is a bit of NMM gold on the Shield Captains cape

I chose red as an accent colour as it would help them stand out as a unique force in the set, and it was a very different style of red, darker and more matte compared to that of the glossy and bright armour of the Thousand Sons. It also helps to break up all the gold on the models, which I felt was important to the visuals of the squad.

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