Space Wolves Geigor Fell-Hand

Leading the Space Wolves side of the Prospero set is Geigor Fell-Hand, an aggressively posed Marine charging towards the enemy with blade drawn and a fierce lightning claw at the ready.

This model has quite a few details, like the various wolf pelts, small red gems, and a few trophies mounted to his backpacks icon. I didn’t go too wild with the colour scheme, choosing to keep him rather simple as far as character models go. He has a bit more of the brass trim than the Legion Troops, but he mainly stands out for his pose and exposed head. A tradition among the Space Wolves, he has a wild mane of blonde hair, and short bears and very viking type braids either side of his face. This was one of the few times I’ve painted blonde hair, and while it was a bit tricky to get the base colour looking good, while not being too yellow, I’m happy with the result, although I’ll be looking for another excuse to practice.

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