Space Wolves Legion Tactical Squad

Finishing off the loyalists side of the Prospero set are the Space Wolves Marines, a 10 strong squad armed with a variety of weapons. I have to say, I much prefer their Heresy scheme to their current 40k one.

I like the dark grey armour, painted using Mechanicus Standard Grey and Dawnstone as a highlight with a bit of shading via Agrax Earthshade. I took a lot of inspiration from Forge Worlds Horus Heresy books for their overall look, adding some light weathering in the form of battle damage, as well as some runes on various knee pads, or on the chest of the Sergeant. I also added Tactical Squad symbols and the Legion Icon in red to their shoulder pads. I didn’t use transfers for these, as I find the usually look a bit out of place, and I want to continue to practice my freehand whenever I get the chance.

The Squads Sergeant is armed with a Plasma Pistol and Lightning Claw, both of which I had a lot of fun painting. Starting with a solid white basecoat, I added a glaze of either blue or neon green, a bit of shading with a darker tone before highlighting it up again with white. With the Marines being so dark, this was a good way to add some colour and pop to the models, and to make sure the Sergeant stood out on the table.

The plasma Gun was my personal favourite weapon to paint in the squad. I mainly used Tesseract Glow for the neon green colour, with a bit of Warp Lightning around the base for definition. It really pops among the squad, and I like how threatening it feels. This sickly neon green weapon wielded by a 7 foot tall Space Marine can’t be a fun prospect to face on the battlefield.

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