Thousand Sons Ahzek Ahriman

Standing against the Space Wolves and Talons of the Emperor are the Thousands Sons, the 15th Legion, and leading them is Ahzek Ahriman. A sorcerer of grim reputation in the 41st Millennium, here he stands uncorrupted and noble, defending his home world.

I wanted the Thousand Sons to really stand out against the Space Wolves and forces of the Emperor, and chose to go with a colour scheme similar to that of Forge World. This mostly meant going for a glossy metallic red on the armour, which was a bit of a challenge but turned out quite well. I basecoated the model with Retributor armour, gave it a heavy drybrush of Auric Armour Gold, before applying two layers of slightly thinned Blood Angels Red to every armour panel. This last step was a bit time consuming, as I had to be very neat, but I love how it turned out. From there I simple added some scratches in Stormhost Silver, and called it done.

I decided to do the cloth in an off white, bone colour, which contasted well with the bright red of the armour. I also took the chance to add a hint of blue with the small scarab gems attached to his staff, which were painted with Kabalite Green and Sybarite Green with a bit of white as a final dot highlight.

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