Thousand Sons Tartaros Terminators

The elite of the Thousands Sons forces are a squad of Terminators, armed with a variety of weapons. Just like Ahriman and the other Thousand Sons, I painted them up in the glossy metallic red of Forge World, which really helps them stand out against any other Space Marines they might face on the table.

The Sergeant is armed with a Power Sword and Volkite Charger. I’m quite pleased with the Volkite weapon in particular, going for a bright orange that reflects the weapons ability to deflagrate anything it hits. I’m a huge fan of these weapons, and would love to paint more in the future. Perhaps some for my Titanicus force.

Two of the Terminators are armed with ranged weapons, a Combi-Bolter and Heavy Flamer, to go along with their Power Fists. I was sure to add the Legion Symbol to their should pads, which I freehanded. This took a bit of patience, but I quite like how it turned out.

The last two Terminators each have a pair of Lightning Claws, perfect for tearing up any opposing Space Marines in close combat. I painted these just like the Sergeants Power Weapon, a very light blue which stands out nicely.

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