Thousand Sons Legion Tactical Squads

The main portion of the Thousand Sons forces are two 10 strong Tactical Squad, mostly armed with Bolters, but with a few special and heavy weapons. I was sure to add the Legion symbol to their shoulder pad, along with the Tactical Squad symbol and plenty of freehand spread across the armour.

The first squad, above, is armed with anti-infantry weapons, while the second, below, carries anti-armour weapons, though the Missile Launcher can be used against infantry in a pinch.

The two Sergeants are armed with fierce close combat weapons, which I painted in a light blue, to contrast the glossy red of the armour, which makes them stand out quite well from a distance. I painted the Plasma Pistol in the same method as those found on the Space Wolves, as I really like how the neon green colour turned out.

Both squads also have a Legion Vexillarius, with a bit of freehanded text and Legion numeral upon it.

I really like how the marines turned out, especially the red armour. I was a little hesitant at first, torn between a more traditional matte red I’ve painted before, but I’m very happy with my choice. I did a fair bit of research beforehand, looking up ways to achieve it, and I ended up basecoating the whole model in gold before applying a couple layers of Blood Angels red contrast paint. The contrast line is fantastic for use as glazes as well as tinting metallics any colour you want, like the purple metals on my Mogwaeth’s Blade Coven.

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