Lelith Hesperax

Another iconic warrior woman of the 41st millennium and another beautiful new Eldar character updated in plastic, this time of the more villainous and violent of the Eldar race.

Just like Jain Zar, the updated model for Lelith is fantastic top to bottom. I love the redesign of her armour/outfit, and the dynamic pose suits her perfectly. I really like the momentum of the model and how it flows with her slashing arm, her other raised to plunge into her next victim.

I went with a very desert sands inspired look with the base, hinting at the gladiatorial arenas she is famed for fighting in. I wasn’t shy about making it vibrant, contrasting well with the blacks and blues of her attire.

I’d love to make a small Kill Team of Wyches to accompany her. I had a lot of fun with this project, and I’d really like to revisit the Dark Eldar.

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