Blood Bowl Necromantic Horrors

Another Blood Bowl team, this time of the Undead variety. Honestly, this is one of my favourite Teams in the game. I love all the classic horror monsters included in the kit, and I deliberately went with a very autumn themed basing scheme to compliment the Halloween vibes. I sculpted a few pumpkins, something I’ve done before, which really helped push the autumn feel. The small leaves are from Greenstuff World, and I love how much colour they add to the models.

The first members are the Ghouls. I really like the long lanky limbs of the model, and the hunched pose helps them stand out from the teams Zombies. I’m also a huge fan of the pumpkin helmets, which are just the right amount of silly for Blood Bowl.

Next up are the teams two Werewolves, a rare sight in the worlds of Warhammer but very fitting for this team. I like how well the poses fit for their role on the team, and the models themselves look great. Honestly you could use them as generic Werewolves for any fantasy game and I think they’d fit quite well.

The Wraiths are a highlight of the team, a classical rendition of a ghost, trapped in a bed sheet with clothesline still attached, along with a few adorable socks. I don’t paint pure white all that often, so this was a good chance to practice that. I tried to go a bit more subtle on the shading and shadow than usual, mostly using The Army Painters Spaceship Exterior and Matt White, both of which I’m very happy with.

The muscle of the team comes from two Flesh Golems. Obviously inspired by Frankenstein, I ran with that idea and painted the skin tones we traditionally see him with, a lifeless grey and strange green. I love the exposed brain on the grey one, which was quite fun to paint, along with the mad scientist bits in his head.

The core of the team is made up of Zombies. Unlike the style we usually see, these undead have a more possessed scarecrow vibe, especially the first two. Plenty of straw, farm gloves, and wooden limbs. It all fits the aesthetic of the team perfectly, less Gothic horror and more classic autumn spookiness.

Along with the members of the team, the kit comes with a number of other fun items. First are the turn markers, modelled as tombstones with a raven perched on top and placed on bases, to help tie them in a bit more with the rest of the models, all of which are on bases. You also get two coins, modelled to match the team.

The team also comes with a few Balls, all of which I magnetized to make snapping them onto the bases a whole lot easier and to avoid having a random hole in the base taking away from the work I’d done. I did the same thing on the Ironskull Ladz, and any other teams going forward. They are of course very thematically appropriate and fit the team perfectly.

I’m really thrilled with how the team turned out. They look great together, and I love how the bases turned out. I may add a Star Player or Big Guy to the team sometime, perhaps around October.

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