Tyberos The Red Wake

Of course being a fan of the Carcharodons, it was never going to be long before I added their infamous Chapter Master to my small collection of Sharks. I actually built and painted him around the same time as my Carcharodon Kill Team, but somehow forgot to share him. Better late than never, right?

While I like the Forge World model, I decided to up-scale my version of him so he wasn’t dwarfed by his Power Armoured brethren, using the legs of an old finecast Obliterator and a converted Grey Knight Terminator torso, with the Forge World head and arms, and a bit of green stuff. I also decided to do something a bit fun for his base, having him standing atop a maimed and defeated Mantis Warrior. I’m very happy with how it turned out, tying Tyberos and his Carcharodons to the Badab War while also showcasing the ferocity of the Chapter.

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