World Eaters Chaos Space Marines

Kicking off a small collection of World Eaters I painted up a couple years ago is a 10 strong squad of Chaos Marines. In keeping with the Legions love of all things close combat, I equipped the squad with melee weapons and bolt pistols, bar two Marines, who I choose to arm with a pair of flamers.

The Marines are a mix of a few kits, mostly using the Mk.4 Marine set and the classic but ready to retire Khorne Berzerkers. There are a handful of other bits in there, like a new Chaos Marine Power Fist, and icon from an Age of Sigmar kit, and a Forge World World Eater upgrade helmet, which I love.

I’m really holding out for a release of a new Khrone Berzerker kit, as well as a full army for the World Eaters like GW has done for the Death Guard and Thousand Sons. Maybe one day…

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