Genestealer Patriarch

Leading the Genestealer Cult is, of course, the Patriarch, a massive Genestealer at the root of the cult and the spreading infection among the worlds population.

I really like this hulking creature. Its pose suggests an alien intelligence, perched and hunched atop a bit of rubble, directing its brood rather than charging headlong at the enemy itself. I also like that it stands out quite well from a regular Broodlord, as they are very similar creatures in appearance.

The row of spikes along its spine help give it a distinct and threatening look, along with the elongated brain, which is very reminiscent of the Xenomorph from the Alien series and probably my favourite detail on the model. I added a bit of a green glow to the area near it’s fingers, hinting at the creature using its psychic powers.

While I don’t have a Genestealer Cult army myself, I’d love to add a few Genestealers and a Broodlord to my Tyranid Kill team, as they’re such an iconic alien creature. I would like to see GW give them a new kit, but the current one works fine, and wouldn’t be too hard to convert for some pose variety.

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