Blood Angel Assault Marine Sergeant, Antor Delassio

One of two Jump Pack equipped Marines, Antor is a perfect addition to the Deathwatch team. He adds some much needed melee prowess, being armed with a Chainsword and Hand Flamer, as well as the ferocious reputation of the Blood Angels.

Like most members of his Chapter, Antor is glad in a lot of gold details, with jewels and angel wings covering his armour, and some gold filigree on his Chainsword. He’d make an excellent Blood Angel Sergeant or basis for a Captain, or even a member of one of their successor Chapters, with only a bit of work needed to remove to Blood Angel icon on the shoulder pad.

I really like his pose, descending from the sky, Chainsword raised, about to land amongst the foe and begin reaping a bloody toll among them. I wish some of the Assault Marines were posed in this way. It’s visually interesting and quite dynamic, and fits their role better than the running poses we currently have.

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