Blood Ravens Codicer Librarian, Jensus Natorian

A member of the Deathwatch team I was surprised to see, but very happy about, was Jensus Natorian, a Blood Raven! As a big fan of the Dawn of War series, I’ve always been pleased to see them included in the pages of White Dwarf and the Space Marine codex, but an official model? Fantastic.

Taking on the role of a Librarian, he’s armed with a Force Sword and Bolt Pistol, and of course his impressive psychic abilities. I diverged from the box art a bit with his appearance, basing him off of Jonah Orion from the aforementioned Dawn of War series.

I like all of the little trinkets he carries with him, like the locked tome on his belt and the keys on his backpack. It really helps sell him as a Librarian, along with the iconic Psychic Hood around his head. I’d love to see more Blood Raven released by GW, or at least an upgrade pack. They’re a very well known Chapter and it would be great to see them get a bit more love.

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